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Case study research now underway!

We have now published a research draft of our Phase 1 Criteria.  It would not have been possible without a wealth of excellent advice and input from a wide group of academics, investors, human rights advocates, technologists, experts in business and human rights, and experts in corporate rankings. This advice was given generously through an advisory mailing list, several expert consultation meetings, and a number of one-on-one meetings. Thanks to everybody who helped us reach this point.

This is just the end of the beginning, however. We are far from ready to actually start scoring or ranking companies. The draft criteria will now be tested on selected companies in selected jurisdictions by researchers over the Summer and Fall. Click here for more details about our case study research.

We welcome public input into this process. Please feel free to post your comments on the Criteria page, or if you do not want them shared publicly please send them to mackinnon AT newamerica DOT net.