RDR on Internet Monitor Dashboard

We are excited to announce that data from the Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index is now available in new ways and to new audiences through the Berkman Center’s Internet Monitor Dashboard.

The Internet Monitor Dashboard helps policymakers, researchers, advocates, and user communities understand trends in the Internet’s “health” and activity through data analysis and visualization. The Dashboard collects data on issues of Internet access & infrastructure, online content controls, and digital activity.

The inclusion of RDR’s Corporate Accountability Index, focusing on companies’ respect for freedom of expression and privacy rights, brings new insights about the private sector’s impact on the Internet to other data already available on the platform. One of the many great features of the Dashboard is that users can freely customize a personal board, adding widgets with other data types, changing sorting orders, creating data visualizations and embedding them on other sites.

The Dashboard also enables us to visualize our own data in new ways: by comparing services side-to-side. This allows consumers, researchers, and everyone else to compare a specific service, such as a social network or e-mail service, with competitors that we’ve ranked.

To help people to quickly grasp our Index findings, we have prepared a curated board that features a range of RDR data sets in one overview.


The curated RDR board can be found here: https://dashboard.thenetmonitor.org/dashboards/6aNiYLZNBnDQ79Edw

In addition to the data as it is featured on our website and the Internet Monitor Dashboard, our raw index data is is freely available for everyone to access and use. We encourage others to use our data in other innovative ways. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

If you would like to learn more about how to use the Dashboard, have a look at this brief and very helpful tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnjEXgJ1Ge0

Work for RDR!!

Would you like to be part of a dynamic and innovative team working to improve ICT sector policies and practices affecting freedom of expression and privacy around the world? We have three job openings!! Research Director or Manager (depending on seniority and experience): This person will oversee the planning and execution of research for the Ranking […]

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Access Now launches advocacy campaign based on Corporate Accountability Index

Access Now logo

The RDR team welcomes the launch of Access Now’s latest advocacy campaign, targeting 10 of the companies evaluated in the 2015 Corporate Accountability Index. The campaign is a prime example of how advocacy groups can use the RDR Index findings for direct advocacy with companies in support of freedom of expression and privacy for technology […]

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RightsCon 2016: Corporate Accountability Enters the Mainstream

The RDR team at RightsCon

Issues of transparency, encryption, and corporate accountability played a central role at last week’s RightsCon conference in San Francisco, and RDR’s Index and data helped inform many discussions at the annual technology and human rights conference. Participants in various panels and workshops highlighted the value of RDR’s Index. Three public sessions organized by RDR, including […]

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Next steps for RDR

Since the November 2015 launch of the Corporate Accountability Index our team has kept busy: As we’ve reported over recent months, we’ve been speaking at conferences and workshops, writing articles, and producing a Spanish translation of the 2015 Index report and related materials. We’ve also been seeking feedback about the Index from all of our stakeholders – companies, […]

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