About Ranking Digital Rights

Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) is a non-profit research initiative housed at New America’s Open Technology Institute, working with an international network of partners to set global standards for how companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector should respect freedom of expression and privacy.

In 2015, RDR launched its inaugural Corporate Accountability Index which evaluated 16 companies based on 31 indicators focused on corporate disclosure of policies and practices that affect users’ freedom of expression and privacy.

In March 2017, Ranking Digital Rights released the second edition of its Corporate Accountability Index, which ranked 22 companies according to an expanded list of 35 indicators.

The 2018 Index applies the same 35 indicators and methodology to the same 22 companies evaluated in 2017.

Companies’ scores and accompanying analysis are generated through a rigorous process including peer review, company feedback, and quality control.

The data produced by the Index is intended to inform the work of human rights advocates, policymakers, and responsible investors. It can also help companies improve their own policies and practices.

[last updated 25 July 2017]