RDR launches 2017 Corporate Accountability Index research cycle

Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) is pleased to announce that research has begun for the 2017 Corporate Accountability Index, which ranks the world’s largest ICT companies’ public commitments to users’ freedom of expression and privacy rights.

A team of 28 researchers based around the world are contributing to this year’s research. The 2017 Index research cycle is an exciting new year for the RDR, as we have expanded our ranking to include new companies, products and services. The 2017 Index will evaluate 22 companies, which includes all companies previously ranked in 2015 as well as six new companies. The 2017 Index ranking also includes makers of mobile devices and software products that create what we call “mobile ecosystems.”

Click here to view or download the full 2017 Index methodology, research guidance, and definitions glossary that our researchers are now using to evaluate companies.

We anticipate launching our findings in March 2017. Companies’ scores and accompanying analysis will be generated through a rigorous process including peer review, company feedback, and quality control.

We encourage stakeholders to review the following documents for details on the changes we made to the 2017 Index methodology, which the RDR team finalized this month after concluding a process of public consultation.

  • The 2017 Index methodology, research guidance, and definitions glossary
  • The “Summary of revisions” document that outlines key changes introduced to the 2017 Index methodology
  • A table comparing the 2015 indicators to the 2017 indicators

Stay tuned for more updates from the RDR team.