2015 Companies

The 2015 Corporate Accountability Index reviews eight publicly listed Internet companies and eight publicly listed telecommunications companies. These companies were selected based on several factors, including geographic reach and the diversity of markets in which the companies are headquartered and operating.

Internet companies: The Index examines company-wide policies and disclosure related to 2-3 selected services, as specified below.

  • Facebook (USA) – Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram
  • Google (USA) – Search, Gmail, YouTube
  • Daum Kakao (South Korea) – Daum Search, Daum Mail, KakaoTalk
  • Mail.ru (Russia) – VKontakte, Mail.ru, Mail.ru Agent
  • Microsoft (USA) – Bing, Outlook.com, Skype
  • Tencent (China) – Qzone, QQ, WeChat
  • Twitter (USA) – Twitter, Vine
  • Yahoo (USA) – Mail, Flickr, Tumblr

Telecommunications companies: The Index examines disclosure at the parent-company level and for 1-2 selected services in each company’s home jurisdiction, as specified below.

  • América Móvil (Mexico) – Telcel’s mobile service
  • AT&T (USA) – mobile and fixed broadband service
  • Axiata (Malaysia) – Celcom’s mobile service
  • Bharti Airtel (India) – mobile and fixed broadband service
  • Etisalat (United Arab Emirates) – mobile and fixed broadband service
  • MTN (South Africa) – mobile service
  • Orange (France) – mobile and fixed broadband service
  • Vodafone (United Kingdom) – mobile service