Other Projects

Consumer Reports Digital Standard – Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) is working with Consumer Reports to evaluate networked devices and software applications using the Digital Standard framework. The Digital Standard, a set of privacy and security criteria for evaluating devices and software, is the result of a collaborative partnership between Consumer Reports, RDR, and two other organizations focused on security and privacy testing. Consumer Reports will publish the results of this work in articles and other materials. Research lead: Tatevik Sargsyan.

Digital ID privacy and human rights indicator scoping research – In September 2017 we completed a six-month preliminary scoping study commissioned by the Omidyar Network’s Digital Identity team examining how RDR’s approach to developing and applying evaluative indicators related to digital privacy and human rights might be used to develop indicators for evaluating national ID systems. The resulting report and draft indicators have been shared with Omidyar and some other partners and experts, but have not been published. We have recommended that a plan for further reflection, consultation, and revision is necessary before publication would be appropriate. Research team: Nathalie Maréchal, Andrea Hackl, Tatevik Sargsyan, and Priya Kumar with significant contributions from independent privacy expert Carly Nyst.