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Ranking Digital Rights is an independent project that is hosted by the Open Technology Institute at New America. At no time have either New America’s board, or its CEO, or any other New America program directors, been involved in any part of the research, including the selection and scoring of companies for the Corporate Accountability Index. All funding for the Corporate Accountability Index research, including for the salaries of Ranking Digital Rights staff, came entirely from independent foundations and the U.S. State Department.

We are grateful to our funders and institutional partners (who have contributed office space, staff time, or both) for their ongoing support and enthusiasm for RDR’s work.

Current Funders

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Former Funders

The 2013 methodology development phase was carried out in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania through an interdisciplinary, university-wide project called “New Technologies, Human Rights and Transparency.” It was hosted by the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication in collaboration with students and faculty from the Wharton School of Business, Penn Law, Penn Engineering, and the School of Arts and Sciences.

Other former institutional partners:

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