2015 Research Process

The research and evaluation process for the 2015 Corporate Accountability Index, carried out jointly by Ranking Digital Rights, Sustainalytics, and a team of international researchers, included the following steps:

  1. Primary research – Researchers were assigned specific companies, and they collected information for each indicator for that company.
  1. Peer review – A second set of researchers checked the work of the primary researchers, raised questions, and suggested changes.
  1. Reconciliation – Researchers from RDR resolved differences between the primary research results and peer review.
  1. Company review – Initial results from step 3 were sent to companies for comment and feedback.
  1. Horizontal review – Researchers from RDR Sustainalytics examined results on each indicator across companies to ensure consistency and quality control.
  1. Revision – RDR and Sustainalytics processed company feedback and made decisions about results.
  1. Final results – RDR finalized the data and generated scores based on the findings.

Note on national contexts affecting company performance: In most countries, certain laws, regulations, or political factors will either enhance or limit a company’s ability to perform well on certain indicators. Our methodology does not compensate for these factors. In other words, the Index evaluates companies on what they do or don’t do, regardless of the reason. However, narrative profiles for each company include an analysis of how the company’s home jurisdiction’s legal, regulatory, and political environment may have affected its score.

For more information about how the indicators and research methodology were developed, plus documents describing the research parameters and definitions being used to guide the research, please explore the links under “About” in this website’s top menu.