C6. Remedy

Does the company have grievance and remedy mechanisms?

1. The company discloses its processes for receiving complaints or grievances.

2. The company lists the kinds of complaints it is prepared to respond to.

3. The company articulates its process for responding to complaints.

4. The company reports on the number of complaints received.

5. The company provides evidence that it is responding to complaints, including examples of outcomes.

Guidance: This indicator examines whether companies provide remedy mechanisms and whether they have a publicly disclosed process for responding to complaints or grievance reports from individuals who believe that the company has violated or directly facilitated violation of their freedom of expression or privacy rights.

Evaluation: This indicator is scored using a checklist, meaning companies can only receive full credit if they demonstrate that their remedy and grievance mechanisms include all elements in the checklist.

Potential sources:

  • Company terms of service or equivalent user agreements
  • Company content policies
  • Company privacy policies, privacy guidelines, or privacy resource site
  • Company CSR/sustainability report
  • Company help center or user guide
  • Company transparency report (for the number of complaints received)

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